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Panda Panda
Jul 22 2013, 08:04 PM
Jul 22 2013, 06:21 PM
Right now, I think they're treating the vets better than they have in awhile, with the exception of Drake Hogestyn.

*Marlena's deep in a rivalry with Kristen, who is herself a vet.

*They're using Justin in a meaningful way.

*Adrienne's involved in the action...and though I think Adrienne's coming across too strongly in this situation, I think Judi's nailing her scenes beautifully.

*We've seen more of Abe lately.

*We may not be seeing a lot of Hope right now, but we DO know she's got story coming.

*They're even doing more with Kayla.

*Maggie and Victor are being used...though I don't like the way Maggie's acting about Daniel at all.

Now, if we could get more of Doug and Julie in the midst of all this, and if Hope's story would start airing so we can take a look, I'd think as far as the vets are concerned, we're in a pretty good place at the moment.

I won't mention Missy much, cuz I don't like Jennifer's current story...Well, the mother/boss/friend part is good. Fine. The Daniel part? No comment other than that I don't like it.
Marlena was written OOC for months during the Bristen and then during Jarlena gate #56868343. Even in Kristen's newest revenge scheme Marlena's barely been mentioned or seen even though she's the target. :glare:

Hope has basically been a poptart popping out of a broken toaster at the oddest times. It was only those few weeks during Jensen that it seemed like she actually had a reason to be on screen.

Kayla and Kayla might as well be on a cruise with Julie and Doug

Maggie is slowly starting to beat out Sami as the most odious woman alive in Salem.

Victor is only let out of his room long enough to sound like an old man who's still bitter about women getting the right to vote. :glare:

Roman only exist to let you know he still exists.

Abe has had less time on screen in the past 9 months than Ari Grace even though she born a month or two ago.

Bo, Steve, and John might as well be killed off at this point.

Justin and Adrienne are only getting screen time because they're being served as angst for Ejami and Wilson.

It's true that some of the vets are getting better treatment screen time but most of them (except Missy and Ali) are essentially being used as character props.

I'm not really disagreeing with you. But I'm seeing an improvement. Yes, Marlena was written OOC, but she's back now. You can see it.

We know more is coming with Hope, and I can only hope it's meaningful when it does.

I think more Kayla is coming.

You're absolutely right on Maggie. The writing for her has been TERRIBLE in many, many scenes for months. They like using Suzanne, but they don't have Maggie "down" if they think this is who she is. Some constantly interfering woman who can't let her 40+ year old son deal with his own personal life, and acting like he's more important to her than the niece she's known and loved her entire life.

There's a great set up for Victor in this DiMera/Kiriakis struggle that could ensue. I can only hope!

Roman? That ain't Roman! Dude's Chris Kositchek. Everybody knows that!

Stephen left with Mary Beth in 2009. Took another job on another soap. When the show wanted Mary Beth back, the show decided to divorce them. I understand that. It's circumstance-dictated. I'm hoping he'll be back one of these days. There's story all set up if he does. In the meantime, I'm glad they use Mary Beth.

I think the show likes Wally and Judi. Seems like it. They've been giving them meaningful stuff lately. Relationship stuff. It has potential.

So, I don't really disagree with you...I guess it just depends on if you're an optimist or not. Is the glass half empty or half full?

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