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My like button doesn't work on this computer, but I like this. It's time for Hope to be a featured player again, with Bo or without him. She's done her time on the sidelines, and it should be her turn for something a little more meaty now.

I love Bo. I love Peter. But since he and the show couldn't come to some agreement in their recent? talks, I think it's time to let Kristian/Hope move forward. If one member of a supercouple is not on the show, then the other member should still have a chance to be active in good stories. The fate of one shouldn't determine the fate of the other. They SHOULD take their time before developing a new love interest...because the alternative is Daniel/Jennifer. Jack was disrespected to make them happen, and to top it off, they were rushed. Not to mention that the writing for Daniel AND Jennifer hurt them from the first, though the show doesn't seem to recognize that.

But Bo's been off since...December, is it? And it's now July, so that's seven months. Given the taping schedule, it'll be a year before anything will have happened to start Hope on the road to a new relationship. That's enough time, isn't it, to show respect to a wonderful coupling. And it's not as if Bo can never return to throw a wrench in the works. If the show and Peter can eventually come to some agreement, that is.

i'd LOVE to see Hope be more of a central player, even if only for a few months. I don't expect to see her 15+ times every month, but it would be nice if, in those 7-8 (or so) episodes that make more sense to consistently see her in, she was utilized properly. Hope's barely been around in July (i think today was her 3rd episode) & of those 3, only Friday's actually had Hope being utilized throughout - previously we'd gotten 1/2 an episode followed by background, & today we got maybe 4 lines.
To be honest, it's the under-utilization within actual episodes (both in terms of airtime/scenes and function) that annoys me more than the episode count. i'd be less annoyed that Hope's only been in 3 episodes this month if those 3 appearances had had real substance to them, and not just had Hope be in the background. Kristian's gorgeous, yes, but she's not meant to be part of the set design.

I know. One of my favorite posts is often Jason's chart. He puts it up periodically, and it lets you see each airdate an actor/actress has during a particular month. I noticed a week or so ago that Kristian hadn't been on at all after July 1st. Since then she's been on a couple of times...but her appearances should be more meaningful than they have been in her recent appearances. I think it's time to involve her in a more in depth way again. Bo's absence, I'm sure, helped sideline her for awhile. That does happen. It did in the 80s too, if a spouse was killed. There would be a period of time when the remaining partner would be in family type scenes only for awhile...It's better than moving too fast. But it HAS been awhile now, and I do think it's time for more for Hope.

Believe me when I tell you that I understand. It gets frustrating waiting so long for something good for your favorite. At least you have the promise for more ahead, and I'm pulling for Hope!

yes. Kristian's now up to a whopping 3 of 16 episodes. (meanwhile, Lauren Boles is still above her in the July rankings at 5 of 16.) we'll see how many of these "Sami's arrested" episodes Hope is included in. It would've been nice to have Hope notice that she had a message from Abe (which would've been about Adrienne & the video) but didn't have a chance to check it because of the presentations or what not. After all, isn't Hope supposed to be part of the Bernardi investigation? Oh wait... including that little scene would've taken away from all the Sami-ness of the episode. smh!
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