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GinaMarie didn't take her nomination very well. Pretty much told everyone she wasn't campaigning, and that if she does get evicted, she'll be happy because she'll get to see Nick (seriously, dude, get a restraining order)... and then went to sleep for like 10 hours... in the middle of the day!!

If Amanda says "Howard" one more time, I'm gonna barf. I do NOT understand why they keep gunning for him. I mean, yeah, he's a threat, but... just drop it! I'm getting tired of Amanda chirping in everyone's ear who they "should" put up.

Also getting sick of Andy. Does the guy have ANY loyalty? He talks smack about people from one side with the other, and then runs to the other side and talks about the side he just came from. It's getting annoying.

And lastly, it annoys the ever living **** out of me that everyone is convinced that Elissa nominated herself. SERIOUSLY, GUYS??!! Are you THAT paranoid already???!!! Oh, and Elissa IS getting a little cocky these days, since America loves her and all.

Looks like Kaitlin might be going home tomorrow. Aaryn seems to have struck a deal with McCrae/Amanda/Judd to stay, but only if she does their dirty work for them should she win HoH. ( Yeah, this is gonna go soooo smoothly.... *eyeroll* )

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