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Jul 23 2013, 04:23 AM
Jul 22 2013, 11:32 PM
Jul 22 2013, 10:27 PM
Until Nicole learns to keep her legs closed, that is all she will be for the men in her life.

Speaking of Nicole, she was a hot mess today with her hooker dress and her fucked up hairstyle. I did not mind Ej/Nicole interactions, but Nicole chose the most inappropriate time to make a scene. I thought she knew the event was about Eric, did that slip Nicole's mind?
I rather enjoyed Ej's snarky dismissive attitude toward Nicole, clearly showing his disdain toward her. He can see through her BS and he obviously still has very little respect for her. His comment about Nicole self destructing was on point so was the fact she always chases after men she can not have.

:shame: They say you hate in others what you see in yourself. I guess EJ sees a mirror of his own actions when he looks at Nicole, and he realizes just how pathetic and inadequate he is, since Nicole's actions make sense, while he just looks like a sad little man with a child-like fiancee who spreads her legs all over town like they were peanut butter and Salem is the bread.
Nicole has screwed Daniel, would have screwed Rafe if he had been willing, tried to screw Vargas (some people think she actually did), screwed Brady, and dreamed about screwing Eric.

In the same time period Sami almost screwed Rafe twice and EJ once before their commitment talk.

Well, she did not screw Rafe and she did not screw Vargas. And by the way, it was Vargas that put the moves on her and Nicole is the one that stopped it in the end. Nicole was free, single and was in no relationship with anyone at the time. So, she could fantasise about anyone she chose to, or be with anyone to chose to.

At least she wasn't flirting and lying to more than one man at at time, making them believe that she is interested while behind their backs she is kissing up on someone else, and willingly wanting to jump into bed with Rafe in one scene and not long after shown as willing to jump into bed with EJ, and all this happened, not long after haveing slept with Lucas and led him to believe she was interested, and then totally disregarded his feelings to run off with EJ.
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