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Jul 23 2013, 05:45 AM
Loved this episode. Such a great all around episode with so many characters integrated together. They need more shows like this.

I am just loving seeing Adrienne part of a central story. I just hope it lasts a while. Adrienne vs. Sami is so good. Adrienne and Sami are actually both similar than they want to admit. They don't know how to mind their own business and always think what they are doing is best for their families. Adrienne to me is completely in the wrong. I get she wants to protect her son but Sonny is not a little kid. He is a grown man that lives his own life and on his own. I get the feeling Adrienne has jus lost her son and husband.

Freddie Smith has really turned into the best younger actor this show has had in such a long time. He has really kicked it into high gear. Then again, better writing always helps. His scenes with Judy are spot on.

I get Sonny's story is about Will but to me Will is the one on the outside now. They've really done a 180 where Sonny is being written like the main character. Makes me think the writers knew for a while that Chandler was leaving. I do wonder if Adrienne will be targeted as the wrong one but in the end may be right and both Will and Sami burn Sonny and it feeds into Will's exit.

At least Sami admits she hates when she's not the center of attention :lol: .

Sierra is adorable. Too funny her asking if when she grows up can she get married as many times as Sami :lol: .

Great ending with Sami being arrested.
I agree about Freddie. Sonny has become one of my favorite characters on the show. Freddie is completely believable to me no matter who he is sharing scenes with. I'm really worried about how they will handle Will's exit because I don't want the Sonny story to be back burned.

I have a feeling that Adrienne will get a chance to redeem herself down the road. Judi is doing a wonderful job, although I don't agree with Adrienne's actions. I'm so happy that Judi and Wally have been given a story line, and not only that, one that actually has layers!
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