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Jul 23 2013, 05:59 AM
S loves EJ
Jul 23 2013, 05:27 AM
Jul 23 2013, 05:11 AM
S loves EJ
Jul 23 2013, 04:38 AM

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You may be right.....I guess they were still together right before the CH. So count one actual screwing for Sami. :P

Im not sure about what you mean by CH, but you said that Ejami slept once Before their committment talk, and the only time they slept together without committment was when the griefsex happend, so if you count from that time till now Sami and Nicole both slept with three men under the same period (Nicole almost 4 with Vargas), but they are both equally sluts.
Actually, I said that Sami ALMOST had sex with Rafe twice and ALMOST had sex with EJ once before she and EJ got together. The time period I referenced started when Nicole screwed Daniel on his desk. Nicole: Daniel, would have done Rafe, tried to do Vargas, did Brady, dreamed about doing Eric. Same time period....Sami: did Lucas, almost did Rafe twice, almost did EJ, did EJ. I don't think either of them qualify as sluts. Sami has been in committed relationships with each of her three. Nicole has always wanted a loving committed relationship and she looks in the wrong places.

Sami cheated on Rafe with EJ, went back to Rafe and had sex with him, Rafe found out about EJ, and Sami moved onto Lucas and Slept with him, and while she was in a relationship with Lucas, she was exchanging spit with EJ.

Then she ran off with EJ, leaving Lucas behind, and then starting exchanging spit with EJ one day and then Rafe the next, and she was back and forth with the two of them until she decided she wanted to be with Rafe. Got interrupted when she was getting ready to have sex with Rafe after making that decision. Not long after she attends a wedding, had an arguement with Rafe and she decided then, that EJ is the love of her life, she always loved him, and as soon as she makes that decaration to EJ, she was eager to have sex with him, and took delight in rubbing it in Rafe's face afterwards that she was back wtih EJ, and how good the sex was with EJ .
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