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The Scorpion
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S loves EJ
Jul 23 2013, 03:50 AM
Jul 22 2013, 02:38 PM
My thoughts for today: (Before reading anyone else's):
I LOVED Ciara's "Can I have as many weddings as Sami?" Good shout-out and poking inward fun at Sami's multiple weddings.
Judi Evans did show the distress Adrienne probably felt very well. That prosecutor, however, was a little too bloodthirsty.
Still trying to decide about the whole Kristen/Brady thing. ED plays those emotions well, but the whole "check" thing was sort of a letdown. I was hoping that Sami would be arrested just as Kristen was going to show her sex tape.
DAMN, AZ and JS just play SO WELL against each other. Such a wasted opportunity. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is animosity chemistry tinged with some sexual overtones. (Hey, at least I think so). They can both give as well as they get. Although, Nicole still needs pants. I'm glad she didn't slip and fall down.
Hey, Ciara was chasing another kid. There were TWO kids there!
I am really enjoying Diedre Hall and Marlena sans John and Hogestyn. This is the Marlena I fell in love with decades ago.
Wouldn't Victor be Greek Orthodox? Oh, well. No biggie.
GV has such cute family banter methods. Actually, he and Sweeney weren't bad together. I could overlook her "breathiness", as long as she wasn't in scenes with Scott. But GV just played the excited, humble priest so well. He was just adorbs.

I actually think I saw sexuell chemistry between Ejole on monday´s show I really liked their snarks. If they are as good as they have been on thursday last week and this everytime I just might be able to ship them.
Nah, I saw no sexual chemistry between Nicole and EJ. Maybe because JS plays EJ indifference with Nicole in this scene. Sure there are chemistry between Nicole and EJ but it's never in your face like I see between EJ and Sami and this depends a lot on how JS plays EJ different with these two women, with Sami it has always been longing glances and in performance , EJ is all in when it comes to feelings of every kind, so to speak, when he is in Sami's presence, I do not see this in Nicole presence, and perhaps it is a conscious choice when it comes to acting from JS who knows :) This is my opinion and I'm sure there are others who might think otherwise.
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