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S loves EJ
Jul 23 2013, 08:16 AM
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At this point, I personally don't give a damn how many people they screw. Hey, if it gets their rocks off, go for it. Vargas was hot. I fully endorsed Nicole screwing him. :laugh: I have issues when they start using their hooha to get a guy's attention when he rather be with someone else. That's when I start side eyeing them. I love both characters so when either do it, I can't stand it. Both have done it in the past and I'm not afraid to call one of them out on when it happens. That's just me.
I agree, except I don't have much of a problem with the bold, either. They're soap characters, and they'd might as well go ahead and work with what they've got. And if it causes a scandal, all the better. Some of the best characters of all time have opened their legs/zipper when other people would just open their wallets. I like them both too and am not going to pretend they're something they're not.

I agree with this aswell I donīt care that much how many they sleep with itīs the nature of being a soap, but I think they could have handle the Lumi/Ejami triangel better aswell as the Safe/Ejami triangel, and it was a bit gross of Nicole to sleep with Daniel while pregnant by EJ aswell as almost sleeping with Vargas while having the hots for Eric.
The entire handling of Sami's love life since 2007 or so is so poor that it's turned her into a tramp. NO way in hell would the Sami pre 2006 be jumping from man to man to man in a few months time....now it's sort of the norm for her. She obsessed over Austin for a decade, obsessed over Brandon for a few years, same with Lucas, but the minute JER left the building in 2006 she seemed to go down this path of 'I'm all that and men can't have enough of me' and that was never who Sami's character was.


I liked the show overall but I can't help but recall how we were discussing last week that Sami would somehow make this about herself....because of the arrest....but low and behold she was attempting to steal Eric's moment from the minute she got there. Boy Sami is insufferable isn't she? and Ej and Sami being all lovey dovey, sunshine and roses is soooo off putting. For a guy who has always prided himself on being 'smart', Ej is sure acting like an idiot, so sure of himself, everything is wonderful....why are these two not worrying about Stefano? Not planning how they could out due his revenge...heck they aren't even TALKING about the possibility of Stefano going against them....how moronic are they? Geez

Anyway Ciara stole the entire show for me.....she's awesome...and I'd love it if they keep her on board and don't soras her....but have her interact with other kids now that there is a school set and have her start to do some age appropriate mischief.

I thought the editing of the show was okay, I really liked them going from the school opening even to Adrienne and the tape.....I thought it was a real nice play that the audience believed that both the tape and the arrest would be happening simultaneously, but then Kristen saw Brady and it was over....lol....

Overall good show.....a lot of Sami but it's expected....
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