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Jul 23 2013, 09:27 AM
How many times has Sami tried to get married/gotten married? I'm thinking 12... Seems like Marlena's number is pretty high, too. Good thing she was on the other side of the room when Ciara said what she did.
It depends on what you count.

Austin in Paris*
Austin in Salem when Carrie interrupted
Austin in Vegas
Lucas - but ceremony never even happened (Brandon-gate)
Lucas at the Stan wedding
Austin when Sami called it off
Lucas in the green wedding*
EJ at the black wedding*
EJ when the sydnapping came out
Rafe in the woods*
Rafe vow renewal

5 actual marriages and a vow renewal

Alex technically first and offscreen*
Don called off to rescue Donna
Don for real*
Roman for real*
Eugene in the best wedding of all time*
RoJohn and the amazing headdress
John when Kristen interrupted with Roman
Roman when he was sick
John for real*
John vow renewal
John when Marlena was pregnant with Roman's baby
Alex in Salem*
John in Italy with the loud fountain*
John when they left*
John offscreen*

I'm not even really sure how to distinguish hers because of all the identity changes but I think 9 actual marriages
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