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I'm a day behind :drunk:

I was underwhelmed by this supposed big exciting episode. Scenes were so short and choppy, like they had to cram too much into this show. There was no real suspense, and not only because it was predictable. Kristen not being able to find the flash drive was confusing. I'm not sure if it was on purpose since later when talking to Marlena she hugged the purse like she knew she still had it in there.

All I kept thinking when Brady and Kristen were talking in the garden was a a sarcastic, 'What a romantic love story these two have.' There is absolutely no passion, longing, or heart pounding desire between them, and the way this show seems to want the viewer to feel sorry for both of them, all I want is to see Brady end up with her again so he can be hurt when the truth comes out, only much much worse. I wasn't afraid for Brady, the bumbling idiot, and I wasn't rooting for Kristen to jump into his arms and toss aside her plan. They are the farthest thing from star-crossed as it gets.

Also, there was not much suspense about Adrienne getting the evidence to Abe. Sami being to nice, so saccharin sweet and happy was a bit much and telegraphed exactly what was going to happen. And the sorry attempt to create suspense with the prosecutor and Abe was laughable. Abe was standing right next to Sami and Elvis and she screams over to Abe to arrest Sami or else, and Sami wasn't phased at all by that loud command. Neither she or Elvis heard it. It was all so bad, and Sweeney's lack of any kind of acting skills was glaring. I think she was trying to play it with subtlety which is not in her wheelhouse.

I loved Marlena and Will (talking about John) and Marlena and Eric, and Marlena and Hope. Marlena's especially root-able for me in this disappointing Kristen returns story.

There is no excuse for the way the citizens and holy men of Salem accept DiMera money and influence. Oh, as long as you give to a charitable cause you're welcome to hobnob with those who are suppose to be a living example of Christ and his sheep. :shrug: and I was raised Catholic and bishops do not show up for school openings and if they did they wouldn't be wearing their formal vestments (Monsignor's either). I've been to a priest's ordination (very formal event) and the bishop of that diocese didn't wear a cap or formal vestment. He wore a regular priest's garb. I wouldn't have know he was the bishop if someone hadn't told me.

I don't think the little comment from Ciara was to be missed. She'll probably be the one to see the video first and her little world of Kristen admiration will come crashing down on her adorable little head. She'll spend months with it in her backpack......

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