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Jul 23 2013, 02:31 PM
Jul 19 2013, 02:48 PM
For the love of Pete, Dannifer. This is torture. Why are we still having this conversation?
Seriously. I don't like Jennifer with Daniel at all. I can only stomach her outside of this relationship. I don't care for Daniel, except when there's a brief respite from everyone kissing his ass. But even I am kind of siding with Daniel in this episode. Jennifer needs to make up her mind one way or the other and stick with it for more than half of an episode. I really don't understand what the writers are going for here at all.
I suspect Jen-Jen's being portrayed as a flake who wants to have it both ways is intended to make viewers sympathize with Daniel when he finally hops in the sack with someone else. Because in Daniel's world, he's never at fault. He's always the victim, martyr, and wronged party. If he beds Theresa or some other woman in the near future, he can pin the blame on Jennifer for "shutting him out" and putting JJ before him. My opinion is that Jennifer needs to get her head out of Daniel's ass and really commit to seeing JJ through this crisis, or she needs to admit that she's a lousy mom who'd rather revisit her teen dating years than parent her troubled son. Right now, she's kind of failing at everything, including being interesting.
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