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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, July 23rd Daily Discussion
The Scorpion
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Jul 23 2013, 09:45 PM
Days is kicking ass these days. This story keep getting better and better. My heart broke for Sami today. The whole thing was heartbreaking and yet so good. I was proud of my girl Sami. She showed so much strength and courage. A lesser person would have fallen apart, but SGB soon to be Dimera kept her poker face on. She is a fighter and will roll with the punches. No matter what is thrown at her, she will dust herself off and get back on her feet. After all, she's got Ej freaking Dimera in her corner.

Reason number 1247693 why I love Ej Dimera. His love for his Samantha is incomparable. his devotion for her knows no boundaries. It is just amazing. From what he told Sami today, it is clear that Ej's gloves are coming off. No more nice guy. He is going to fight dirty and break every law in the book (and God helps anyone who stand in his way) in order to get his woman out of this mess. Salem better watch out because Vintage Ej Dimera is making a comeback. I hope Ej will go after Adrienne and the SP first. I know she is just doing her job, but she is a little too smug.

I have lost so much respect for Victor after today. Victor was a lot of things, but hypocrite was never one of them. I could not believe that Victor of all people was judging the Dimeras when he is as evil as they are and has committed as many crimes as they have. I know that Maggy has locked his balls away in the safe but come on. Pot meet Kettle.

I thought it was hilarious that both Nicole and Victor where outraged because Sami got away with murder, considering that both of them are murderers themselves and never paid for said murders. The funniest part of course was the fact that Victor was sharing this with the woman who once attempted to murder him LOL. OK writers, that was a good comedic relief.

Speaking of Nicole, she needs to STFU and take a seat. This is none of her fucking business. This is a family matter and she ain't family. You are the fucking secretary,not Eric's girlfriend, so go type something. She is merely a charity case and should be grateful she can smooch of off Eric while boinking his brother behind his back. Where the hell does she get off judging Sami anyway? She tried to kill her husband Victor, her lover Collin, kidnapped an infant from her mother at birth and last year used a dead child to get rid of the competition in order to hang to a man who did not want her. Nicole and her glass house LOL. Rant over. I feel better now.

Truth be told, I am not that worried about Sami because I know she's got Ej in her corner fighting for her and the truth will come out sonner or later. Then all of the hypocrite will eat crow. Meanwhile, I am excited about the return of sweetevil Ej.

Yes, obviously will EJ move heaven and earth to help his love, one thing is for sure the one that stands in the way he or she will be destroyed. The question is more what price will EJ have to pay in the end?
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Tuesday, July 23rd Daily Discussion · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion