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Jul 23 2013, 11:55 PM
Jul 23 2013, 07:14 PM
And Sami was making a speech.

Adrienne, Sami didn't do this. This evidence will send her to jail, and she didn't do this.

She did kill a man.... she just has a good reason for it and why it shouldn't be considered murder but it's not as though she didn't do it.
She killed a man, and has spent the time since then feeling justified and vindicated.

And she's bopped around, giggling and planning her wedding, pretending to be the ghoulish lady of the manor, with a sense of entitlement that is outrageous even for Sami. Why shouldn't she be queen of the Dimera empire and the heroine holding vigil at Rafe's bed side? How dare any mothers or ruthless father-in-laws to be or doctors or traumatized patients keep her from her rightful place, whatever she deems that to be?

What she hasn't done is seem a bit remorseful, nor question herself for a moment about why she shot a man point blank in the back instead of screaming or aiming for his leg.

Show spent enough time showing Bernardi agonizing over what Stefano ordered him to do, and introducing a wife and son who remembered him as a good man and father, and even holding a memorial for him for the entire Salem PD to remember all his heroic deeds (when there have been long beloved vets who didn't even get a funeral or tombstone, for crying out loud.)

Either they are going to use this as a chance for some real growth for the character, as she is sent to jail and then has to stand trial for his death, or they are going to blacken whatever positive memories a widow and a son and a police force have of the man, and he falls by the way as just another criminal while everyone lines up to wait their turn to apologize to Sami and kiss her pale ass. Just in time for her big wedding, I'm sure.
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