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Where to even START?

I absolutely ADORE we are having reveals with the people that matter surrounding them. I thought the Sami arrest was glorious. And her speech? OH.MY.GOD. This bitch. She entertains me though.

Holy hell at that Trask witch. She was THIRSTY for Sami's arrest. Roman pegged her motives, IMO (press). I like they hit on that. I like they hit on a lot of 'small points' actually.

Eric's angst is sweet but he wasn't even around for any of Sami's drama in the 2000s so meh ... I do like how he and Nicole fought over Sami. Those scenes were well-done and Ari and Greg just work so well together. I love how angsty they are, as a supercouple in training should be. I also love how EJ just gets at Nicole, each and every time, even when she tries to be all bitchy, snarky and strong with him.

Judi Evans is acting her brains out right now. LOVE her. However, Adrienne is gonna get some haaaate from everyone. I think mixing up Sami and Adrienne has been brilliant. I loved Sonny's rage at her (and her 'oh shit' look the entire time), even though Adrienne isn't really the villain here, she's sort of being written like one. Good mix of characters and glad Justin isn't "away on business" anymore. So glad those two are being used and I will keep saying it.

YAYY no Surfer Doc! I love JJ called him that the other da. I've been calling him that for months.

Boy, Roman and Marlena sure are the proud parents. Heh. Wasting no time. I did like Will mentioned John sent a gift for Ari. That was a nice touch. Even though I can't remember if that was on Mon or Tues (sorry, watched them both at the same time and was in a hurry).

Kristen's cocky arrogance will bite her, Nicole and Marlena both caught her that likely had something planned. Anyone else predicting an even bigger huge Kristen meltdown at an actual wedding this time? I do. Aren't they taping November?

Kristian and Hope look amazing in green.

Quite enjoyed Caroline/Victor. Maggie was finally tolerable for a change and loved her actually sharing a brief scene with Hope! The Maggie I actually care about.

I want to feel sorry for Brady but I can't, even though I'm kinda looking forward to what I guess is Bristen's reunion. Though I'm spoiler free so I don't know.

As Matt has said, has JER risen and writing the show? Like without the crazy off-the-rails disgusting stuff?

The show is SO good.

And I miss Bo too, Caroline. But they HAVE to address this. It's been 9 months. Seriously. Hope literally could be having another child at this point (though not quite, both time-wise and age wise but this is DAYS). DO SOMETHING writers.
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