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Jul 23 2013, 03:36 PM
I don't think it was necessary to take Kristen down this crazed demented path. They could have reigned some of her 'edginess' in and stopped making Brady dumber by the sec (because let's be honest his dumbness moves that quickly). Bristen could be/have been really great but the Eric rape is the straw that broke my back. I was open to them in the beginning and now I can't after what she did to his step brother and not even a fake out, where we find out that she actually didn't assault him sexually, will change my mind.
I think they did it for ratings and it looks like it worked. That's the only logic I can see there, no character consistency, even no plot driven logic. It's sometimes so weird and kinda disturbing how much the show does (has to do?) for ratings and that you can always be sure that the bigest secrets will be revealed only during the sweeps, so no more surprise there.
Back to the s/l. I honestly don't get why the TPTB are so obsessed with the E/K scenes that they have to show them at least 3 times a week or more (flashbacks, editing, video etc). They've already milked the staff to no end and there are months to come yet, I guess... However, if after that they can make a plausible fake out I definitelly wouldn't mind and it would matter for me.
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