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Viewing Single Post From: Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) removed from credits 7/10, no longer on contract

Jul 24 2013, 07:28 AM
In my never-to-be-humble opinion, Nicole and EJ have the abillity & willingness to not only accept each others dark side, but they encourage it when the need suits them...and the chemistry simply drips off them without effort. And if Sami isn't willing to accept EJ's dark side, they have no chance unless he completely rejects ALL things DiMera - including the money, the power and the name itself while she has to reject all things Brady - including her family and the support & stability and (somewhat level of) sanity they offer her when she continually jacks up her life so bad.

P.S. Tony/Andre was totally hot!! :blulaugh:
I agree with what you said about EJ and Nicole.

As for Sami, arent they re-writing her to accept EJ's darkside, once it materialises. She is already boasting about EJ being more powerful than Stefano and behaving like she is queen of the Dimera housefold, and feeling proud. So, when it use to be said, that Sami wouldn't do this and she wouldn't do that, we can no longer say that.

Who would have thought that she would be running to Stefano of all people to help her with her problems.
Who would have thought after all the things that EJ has done to her, that she would be lying in bed after having sex with him, plotting the demise of Nick.

If they turn EJ dark, they are probably going to make her perfectly ok with it, and just showing her putting up tolen fights. They probably write in more angry sex between the two, and then straight after, show her accepting whatever he does, as he continues to hide certain things from her. He is definitely not going to reject all things Dimera.

The Dimeras are suppose to be the enemy of the Brady's and look at the way she is cosying up to them. And I find it quite ridiculous that she hates on Kristen, when EJ has done so many bad things to her and her family and she is now going to marry him. She does not have to reject all things Brady because her family is behind her no matter what she does, or whaever crap decisions she makes. Don't forget it is the Sami show.

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