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I'm loving JE's performance as Adrienne, but I do think it's completely fair that Sonny is furious with her. It's not like her motives are about truth and justice, but rather she was lashing out at Sami and by extension Will. Sure, Adrienne can say that she wanted the truth to come out, was concerned about the letter of the law and felt bad for Berndari's widow, but those are secondary concerns at best.

Adrienne is being unfair. If she were upset about Will's fatherhood or his own history of making questionable decisions, that would be one thing. But she is holding Will responsible for his mother's character, and that not only isn't fair, it pretty hypocritical - especially in light of the fact that Adrienne's family history is hardly squeaky clean.

I would like to see Will be more circumspect than Sonny because he understands his mother and her history better than anyone, while Sonny seems to be used to his parents loving and trusting him unconditionally. Sonny is young adult who owns his own business and lives independently. He's by all accounts been a good son who has happened to fall in love with a young man with a troubled history. His mom betrayed him out of spite and trying to control his life.

And while I'm enjoying this storyline and JE's performance, I am a little uncomfortable with the characterization of Adrienne as this much of a controlling shrew who can't let her son live his own life. This is the person who loved and forgave Jack before anyone else did. This is the person who forgave Justin some pretty heavy transgressions, and she made some mistakes of her own along the way.

I will say that JE's performance is really elevating the writing though. She's making me believe that Adrienne knows what she has done is not okay and she's infusing the dialogue with conflict that another actress might evoke.

But you put the writing for Adrienne and the writing for Maggie together, and you get a theme of women of a certain age having nothing better to do than control their adult son's love lives and I wish both characters got better writing.

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