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Jul 23 2013, 11:00 PM
You know...I never blamed Sami for Arianna's death, but until tonight it had never occurred to me just how similar that story is to this one. Sami is basically identical in both, and EJ has Rafe's role. Will is still Will. Weird.
The difference for me is how everyone is treating Sami. They aren't treating her like some heroine who has done nothing wrong. They're treating her like Sami.

I hated her in that story. Bitch tried to kill Arianna & nothing was ever said about it. And I loathed Rafe. He was willing to throw his sister under the bus (literally) for the heroine Sami. Blech.

I like her better as she's portrayed now. Selfish, conniving, and no one really trusts what she's saying.

As for EJ, I'm hoping when he said he'd handle things as he always does, we'll see some Dimeraness.

IMO, this story is miles better than the Arianna one.
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