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Some people are dragging Jack for his Tweets but I agree with most of what he expressed. On the one hand, what he's said is probably going to ensure that the current powers that be at GH are never going to ask him back so I'm not sure how wise it was. On the other hand, he's right when he says that the momentum from the 50th anniversary celebrations was squandered. I haven't watched this show in a few days (specifically, whenever it was that FrankenTodd had a seizure in his hospital bed and then told Patrick that he's Jason Morgan). There are some stories I am interested in following but there is just so much CRAP. Too much FrankenTodd, Kiki and Silas. Still don't like that Rafe kid. Don't like Felix's sister. Am intrigued by a possible Britt/Nick pairing but otherwise bored by her and Sabrina (even though I don't hate Sabrina). I love Maura West and I think she's doing the best with what she's been given but it's unfortunate that the storyline she finds herself in is one of the stinkers. Maybe it will get better now that Carly is onto her. We'll see. But something needs to pick up, and fast. In comparison, DAYS is running one tight ship and a thoroughly watchable show.

The one thing I don't agree with is that his recent behavior (abruptly abandoning Maxie again when he couldn't get Felicia back) is out of character. It's perfectly in character. He probably just wishes it WEREN'T, and I don't blame him.
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