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Jul 24 2013, 01:53 PM
Jul 24 2013, 01:07 PM
Anne is just putting herself out there to befriend anyone who hates Jennifer. It's hilarious, but I'm still not any closer to understanding why this adult woman, who otherwise seems to be a successful professional, has such a strong, abiding preoccupation with her. Flesh it out a bit more. Give us something juicy. We have two audience proxies for Dannifer hate - J.J. for Daniel and Anne for Jennifer. And only J.J.'s hate makes some kind of sense.
Anne's hatred of Jennifer makes sense to me. She believes Jennifer used her name and family to land a job that Anne wanted and felt she was more qualified to do. Since receiving the job, Anne believes Jennifer spends very little time at work actually working and does a pretty crappy job when she does work.

This sort of petty, workplace drama happens all of the time in the real world. Days has simply amped up the drama like it does with everything else. I'm Team Anne all the way as I think she is a very entertaining character and the target of her hate so richly deserves it.
I get that Anne hates the nepotism that she feels has landed Jennifer a cushy job at the hospital. I get it and I would feel the same way. That, however, does not really explain or flesh out to me why her hatred is so INTENSE and such a MAJOR preoccupation of her existence. She let it consume her life when she was pals with Chloe. That, to me, is not an altogether proportionate response to the things she dislikes about Jennifer. Nepotism is ugly, annoying, sometimes even infuriating, but it is a fact of life in many, many professions, workplaces and other areas. That's why I want something more. I love her snark, but I want her to be a bit more multi-dimensional so that it isn't so obvious she's just an audience proxy.
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