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Loved Will and Sonny they were great they need more screen time there scenes seem to fly by and when are they going to really talk and Will tell Sonny how he has been feeling lately. I thought the spoiler said Will tells Sonny something unexpected, the way it played out it was like Sonny was the one who told Will something unexpected due to telling him he was the one who accidentally sent the video to Adrienne. I want to see them alone without interruption and talk everything out I miss them having those scenes they need that alone time writers.

Loves Justin he is so great the way he is trying to protect everyone. Glad he knows the truth maybe he can get Will out of this mess so know one can use this against him again. Adrienne was good too but the way she went about doing it was wrong did she really think Sonny would be okay with her throwing Will's mother under the bus to protect him. He loves Will and when Will hurts he hurts and vice versa.

Love how Will/Sami/Adrienne are the emotions ones while Sonny/EJ/Justin are the calm ones they are eachother ying and yang they fit.

Epi was really good look forward to seeing more WilSon/Ejami/Justin and Adrienne.
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