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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepwhy the hell aren't you pointing the finger at EJ instead of Lucas.?
And absolutely Lucas and the whole police force was wrong to cover for Will, though there motives were sympathetic. He was a minor under extreme emotional circumstances, and his victim survived without any long term consequences. A good lawyer could have gotten Will probation or time in a juvenile mental hospital (which at the time he could have used).

And Will has several times tried to come forward, several times said he never should have allowed his father to take the blame and has only been quieted because he doesn't want his father, grandfather and aunt to be harmed by his confession.

I appreciate the dramatic mileage the show has gotten out of bringing up the shooting, but I do hope they put it to rest now that Will has a lawyer. I think the well has run dry.

There's some minor nitpicks I have with the story, but I'm enjoying it too.
First the police force did not cover for him they do not know about will and second if at the time if jail would seem to worse that could happen to will if Will told truth Lucas would be wrong but at time it did not seem jail will the worse thing that can happen whoever shot ej something lot people tend to forget now
Actually, over and over again, it's been brought up that if Will came forward that Hope, Roman and Lucas would all suffer fallout from it. I've taken this to mean that they either knew or strongly suspected Lucas was innocent.

It's been rather maddening to me that before now Will didn't seek out a lawyer on his own to discuss these matters under the umbrella of attorney client privilege.

Even if Roman and Hope were oblivious, Will doesn't think they were.
In your post it sound like roman and hope know the truth and it not the case.i see the writing than nobody strongly suspected Lucas was innocent aside phillp i not going buy it if they write now they strongly suspected Lucas was innocent than
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