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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
"Not liking Bernardi doesn't excuse her from having no empathy for Marge and Timmy."

Hmph. As I said earlier, she did have empathy. She would probably have continued to have empathy if Marge hadn't told her to her face that she wanted her to "fry."

As for young Timmy, he may have lost his dad, but his dad was kind of a bad guy. Who knows how many bad things he did while working for Stefano. Maybe he's killed people. Maybe Timmy's better off in the long run without him.

What happens when the truth about Bernardi comes out?

As for Sami having "no idea who he was or what he was doing?" What she did know was that he was holding a razor, high over someone in a coma's body. What would you think?
Well it is Rafe. He could have been taking advantage of Rafe's coma and giving him a shave.
I think he would've been up closer to his face. ;)

If anyone ever holds a razor high above me for any reason...I'm outta there.
Hey, Rafe's bushiness might not be confined to the brow ridge. Either way, I think it would have been best for little Timmy and for me if Sami had let Bernardi do his thing.
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