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Today's episode was funny as hell! I do not like Caroline and think that she is playing herself for a fool but her reaction to the guinea pig who moved around her feet was awesome! I am also glad that Rick appeared on the scene at the Maya and Carter's internet show and witnessed her going crazy. I am glad she was caught. She tells Rick she did it because she loves him but I believe he feels sorry for her but he still has feelings for Maya and hugged Maya. I know there are many who do not like the Maya and Rick pairing but I like it. They even have a page on Facebook! Anyway, I am sure this is not the last of Caroline's actions on trying to break up Rick and Maya. In fact, before she got scared of the guinea pig, Caroline was upset when Maya told her that even if she broke them up, Rick was already "done" with her and the truth of that fact was on Caroline's face. She knew that Rick had already lost interest in her but Caroline being determined and believing that money should always marry money, is not accepting of that fact. It will be interesting to see what she tries next in the upcoming episodes.
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