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Bernardi didn't work for her, he worked for Stefano, but that's really not the point. She shot a man that she didn't know, who was holding a razor over a man she cared/cares about and tried to protect him. Without much forethought.

She didn't deliberately shoot Bernardi. She just felt less guilty about it after she found out it was him.

AND, Stefano said that Bernardi was his mole in the force for awhile. So he couldn't have felt that badly about working for him. More like he wasn't crazy about having to cut off his friend's peen.. #bloody

He seemed fine with stealing police evidence.
She didn't have to shoot him. She had no idea who he was or what he was doing. She could have screamed for help, or told him "stop or I'll shoot"

Not liking Bernardi doesn't excuse her from having no empathy for Marge and Timmy. She doesn't give a damn that Timmy is in pain.
"Not liking Bernardi doesn't excuse her from having no empathy for Marge and Timmy."

Hmph. As I said earlier, she did have empathy. She would probably have continued to have empathy if Marge hadn't told her to her face that she wanted her to "fry."

As for young Timmy, he may have lost his dad, but his dad was kind of a bad guy. Who knows how many bad things he did while working for Stefano. Maybe he's killed people. Maybe Timmy's better off in the long run without him.

What happens when the truth about Bernardi comes out?

As for Sami having "no idea who he was or what he was doing?" What she did know was that he was holding a razor, high over someone in a coma's body. What would you think?
She killed Marge's husband. Marge being mad at her is a human reaction. Sami using the exuse that she shouldn't feel bad because sombody's mad at her is sociopathic.

Johnny's dad is kind of a bad guy who did lots of bad things. He both murdered, and attempted murder. Maybe Johnny would be better off in the long run without him.

Does that mean that Sami doesn't have to feel bad that Johnny would cry if his dad died? That she wouldn't be inhuman to bounce around laughing and having a great time without caring at all that Johnny is in pain? Cause that's Johnny's problem, not hers?

I would think I would yell loud enough for the people in the hallway to hear:

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