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Those aren't random details.

Sami is the main character in both of these stories.

You just don't like my details.
No, they're just not really relevant. In both cases Sami shot someone and tried (and succeeded) to get away with it. In both cases, her significant other covered for her at the expense of family. In both cases there was a person with a pretty weak motive determined to make her pay and despite the fact that the person had some good points, no one supported them accept for the person going against Sami. Her arrogance and justification are playing out similarly. There are obviously some details that are different. I doubt Adrienne will die and Sami completely side stepped anything legal back then, but the structure of the stories and the characterizations of the main characters involved are all VERY similar.
Yeah well, EJ is hotter than Rafe. So there.

Really though, I have to admit that you're mostly right. But I still think EJ wears the willing-to-do-anything-to-protect-Sami hat better than Rafe does. Up until that story, Rafe was Dudley Do Right and all of a sudden, he was willing to break the law and throw his sister under the bus. I think it turned Rafe from just being a boring character into being a boring plus inconsistent character. On the other hand, it's much more "in character" that EJ is willing to break any law and hurt whoever he needs to hurt in order to get Sami out of jail.

And plus, EJ is hotter than Rafe.
IDK...Rafe had been breaking the law ever since he met Sami, lol...he didn't turn into dudley do right....he helped Sami cover Sydney from EJ. He forged adoption paperwork to make that child legally his knowing he had a father. He bend the rules on a number of occasions when he was trying to get the information that Ej was the one behind the Sydnapping....and then obviously he continued when he covered Sami's crime after she shot EJ...then he passed off as the father of Nicole's baby....he's known about what his sister did and hasn't said shit.....pretty much this idea that Rafe is this dudley do right character isn't valid so much, since we've seen him do a lot of shit that necessarily wouldn't fall into that label.

I might not like the character but I don't agree that Rafe doesn't wear the 'willing to do anything for Sami' hat better than EJ, if anything the fact that he hasn't directly targeted Sami and tried to purposely hurt her in the past makes it a way more believable hat than EJ seems to be wearing now....especially when in the past, Ej HASN'T worn that hat very often....and has done more with the 'willing to harm Sami anyway I can' hat than anyone else has.....if you compare both men, Rafe historically has been willing to go a step above and beyond to help Sami in any way he can....he's put his life, career and even his family in jeopardy to make it happen.....

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