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S loves EJ

Jul 25 2013, 02:23 PM
S loves EJ
Jul 25 2013, 09:27 AM
Jul 25 2013, 08:53 AM
Jul 25 2013, 12:26 AM

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Oh I don't disagree with that though I also don't think EJ is exactly a shining example of consistent writing. I do think the current story is being written better, but I think it's kind of interesting how similar it is to the previous one.

No he is not. I donīt have a big problem with the inconsistent writing for EJ since I like him both good and bad, but I can see the problem with it and that it would have been better to had written him in a consistent way. I love Ejamiīs chemistry but I am a Little concerned whether or not itīs possible to combine EJīs dark side with Ejami he shouldnīt change to much for her, even if Everett is enjoyable too. Iīm happy that they are writing for Ejami since I enjoy them a lot, but Iīm not sure if itīs best for the show to pair them since not everyone likes them. It might have been better for the show if they had gone with Lumi and focused on finding an other love interest for EJ that would be more accepting of his dark side and someone that he has chemistry with that the Ejami fans would accept which isnīt Nicole. I might be okey with Ejole at least I think they have chemistry opposite each other but I think most ejami fans wouldnīt.
Why should the writers cater to who the ejamis would accept? Nicole accepts his darkside, has chemistry with him, is played by a fantastic actress, and EJ can be a villian and a love intrest at the same time, but the writers absolutly can't do that because one fanbase doesn't like the woman?

The writers didn't have any problem destroying history and fucking over the Jarlena's, J&J's, Lumi's etc etc. who have been fans of the show long before the ejami fanbase exsisted.

Because the writers should write what brings in the most Viewers and the best ratings, if they didnīt care what the Ejami fans wanted they would loose them, any loss is bad. That goes for other fanbases aswell the writers should have cared about them that is why I said in my post it might have been better for the show overall if they had went with Lumi instead of Ejami but that only applies if they would have found someone else for EJ that the Ejami fans would have liked.
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