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Jack & Jen <3

I liked the scene between Cass and Colby. Colby (BN) needed to show another layer to her character. I think the spoiled, manipulative heiress persona is just that. It is a front. After Colby heard about Cass, she dropped the act. Later, when Colby hugged David, she said, "This should not have happened to another woman." I think something bad happened when Colby left PV.

I love Heather/AJ more than Miranda/AJ.

I liked the Dixie/BCT moment. Wished we saw Dixie finding out Billy saved AJ.

I love Joe Martin. Such a strong patriarch and sounding board for various characters. :)

Still don't care about Celia/Petey. Petey is fine away from Celia, though.

I think Celia witnessed her parents' murder.

I like the Angie/David friendship. I hope it remains just platonic.
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