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Jul 24 2013, 11:42 PM
Here's what I don't get about Adrienne's thought process... how is getting Sami thrown in prison going to help in her quest to get Sonny away from Will? It's not like Sonny is going to now say "gee Mom, I didn't realize what a criminal family I was involved with. Thanks for revealing the truth and saving me." I mean, she knows that Sonny had the video and obviously chose not to reveal it, so this isn't new knowledge that's going to change his mind aout Will and his family. I get she wants to protect Sonny, but how will this strategy do it?
Adrienne wants Sonny away from Will because of Sami.Sami has a history of problems and they are not going to diminish given that she moved into the mansion and got engaged to EJ who is now likely a target of Stefano's vengence.But the purpose of turning the video over to the police was to get immunity for Sonny to keep him out of jail/prison for obstruction of justice not to break up him and Will.
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