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Jul 25 2013, 08:13 PM
They wouldn't even have to cast anyone for Kayla to give her a story. Her situation is ripe with opportunity. Do a story about how hard it is being a single mother and the chief of staff at the same time.

Show her trying to deal with difficult medical cases with patients who need her, a mother with alzhimers, her missing brother, employee drug problems, a PR person who causes loud scenes in the middle of the hospital and takes off on vacations whenever she feels like it, a doctor who molests his friggen patients, all while trying to find time for her son who needs her just as much.
To show Kayla in a storyline dealing with her mother dealing with Alzheimer's they would actually have to show signs of Caroline having Alzheimer's. That has just been dropped like so many other stories.

I admit I have a weak spot, my father had Alzheimer's disease and died from illnesses related to it when he was only 58. I find it particularly offensive the way they just treated it as some minor illness that was wiped away with a quick one off treatment in California.

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