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Not a good week for Days at all, although they've been losing viewers for 3 straight weeks now, this is the first week that both demos were affected. This week was a good week but I wonder if some of these stories aren't resonating with the rest of the audience like they are with us. They are back to 1.8, and 1.7s...lets see what this week's numbers bring
I think you hit the nail on the head about the stories not resonating with the audience. IMO the Wilson and Wabi baby stories were a big part of the reason for Days higher ratings. Now those stories aren't front and center anymore. I think many are bored with the Bristen story and don't really care about the Sami story and that's what seems to be front burner for summer. I do like JJ and Jennifer, but it isn't enough to override the other garbage for me.
I have to say I disagree about WilSon not being front and center because IMO they still are. Only this time Nick isn't the villain in the piece. It's supposedly Adrianne. RME. So, now it's WilSon/EJami vs Adrianne/the legal system, when before it was WilSon/EJami vs Nick.
The A story at the moment appears to be Sami shooting Bernardi and the fall out from that....a few weeks ago it was Bristen/Kristen drugging and screwing Eric.....Wilson IMHO hasn't been the A storyline since Will's shooting happened and that was a while ago already. It's fine for them to transition in and out of the A story lines but IMHO they truly need to give something for Wilson to do that doesn't involve Brent or redecorating the coffee shop....
But even then, WilSon per se wasn't the A story IMO. They we're involved in it. If pushed, I would hazard to say that it was more a Will story with Sonny as support (just as right now, EJami's story, really is more a Sami story, with EJ as support). Outside of the shooting/Island drama, it was very much a shared WilSon/EJami vs Nick storyline with Sami and Nick seemingly the lead characters. The island/shooting drama lasted 1 - 2 weeks and I would say the numbers were good because there was to be a shooting/reveal/dramatic conclusion, especially regarding Nick.
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