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The A story at the moment appears to be Sami shooting Bernardi and the fall out from that....a few weeks ago it was Bristen/Kristen drugging and screwing Eric.....Wilson IMHO hasn't been the A storyline since Will's shooting happened and that was a while ago already. It's fine for them to transition in and out of the A story lines but IMHO they truly need to give something for Wilson to do that doesn't involve Brent or redecorating the coffee shop....
But even then, WilSon per se wasn't the A story IMO. They we're involved in it. If pushed, I would hazard to say that it was more a Will story with Sonny as support (just as right now, EJami's story, really is more a Sami story, with EJ as support). Outside of the shooting/Island drama, it was very much a shared WilSon/EJami vs Nick storyline with Sami and Nick seemingly the lead characters. The island/shooting drama lasted 1 - 2 weeks and I would say the numbers were good because there was to be a shooting/reveal/dramatic conclusion, especially regarding Nick.
But it still had more of a Wilson focus than anything since....and I agree the story was more of a Will and Sami story with a side of Sonny, but Sonny was a very big side focus when he delivered the baby and then the tender moments at the hospital with them after the shooting, etc. It was a big moment for Wilson, they finally overcame Nick's blackmail and they patched things up with Gabi so that they can both be part of Arianna's life. We need something to drive these two into the A storyline more and more and not just fluff....but then what do we know....when Dannifer was hot and heavy a few months back the ratings weren't bad.....and IMHO there was really NO drama to whatever the hell was happening, lol. Maybe their decision to not make them more prominent has more to do with the impending Will exit and the fact that maybe the story the last 6 months of Will being in Salem will have him and Wilson focus so they need to save his airtime for then, but I'd like to see a bigger focus on others and not the same few that have been driving story for the past couple of years....
LOL, you kinda made my point, in that it was only the final two weeks of the baby drama that really focused on WilSon. And again, I would argue that as with most reveals and/or denouements to a multi month storyline, the numbers were good because of said reveals/drama/denouements.

Re: Dannifer.

Yeah, you never know what's going to resonate with the GA. To be quite honest, I can't imagine they are rooting against Adrianne, not if they are rooting for Dannifer.
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