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Jul 25 2013, 02:21 PM
Jul 25 2013, 02:01 PM
Jul 25 2013, 01:39 PM
I don't think Kristen would consider Eric's baby a reward...although she might, if only because she can use it to annoy Marlena, but the same thing would apply to Brady's child.

I get where the people who are disgusted about the possibility of a Eristen baby are coming from, but that scene was way too ridiculous for me to pin real life viewpoints onto it. :shrug:
I don't get the whole baby-as-a-reward idea, period. Babies aren't rewards. They aren't intended to send some message to the audience about who is a worthy person and who's not. They are simply props and plotpoints to drive drama. Just like everything else on a soap.

So yeah, I'm all for a Kristen pregnancy if it creates a good story.
You're right about all of the reward stuff. That probably isn't the best way to perceive a Kristen pregnancy, or any pregnancy. There is just something viscerally loathsome IMO about the idea of her possibly, finally getting her "miracle child" from what she did to Eric (her lack of a child has always been a sore spot for her, much like with Nicole, so I guess that is where the idea of "rewarding" her comes from). I don't want these two bonded to each other as parents, and really - I'm at a loss as to how they'd make a good story out of it, versus, say, a car crash in slow motion. But I am generally open to whatever these writers are prepared to show me, because they're on a roll and they have been for awhile. For this, though - some serious magic will be required.
Agreed. I hate the idea of Kristen getting a "miracle baby" from raping a man. However, this is a soap opera so I can definitely see them going down this route. It would be especially heart-wrenching if they played it ala baby Grace. Kristen has the baby but the baby falls ill. Eric is called in to give last rites only for the truth to come out that the baby isn't Brady's but Eric's own. Can you imagine the drama? Emmy material for Greg Vaughn right there.
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