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Jul 26 2013, 09:34 AM
I don't think there's too much cause for concern. Ever since #priestsex, while the show has been good, there hasn't been much happening until this week with Sami being arrested. I don't think TPTB worry as much about ratings in the summer. It's September-March that they seem to be obsessed with. The "Sami Arrested" story is really just a summer story to keep things moderately interesting until autumn arrives. I think at that point you will really see stories kicking into gear.
Exactly. Honestly, all the soaps have been doing remarkably well this summer. I mean, are people forgettingt this is summer or something? Ratings usually tank for the soaps most weeks in summer especially for Days and GH in past years. Yes, Days had a huge jump last year for the Daysaster but that was only a 2 week period of ratings growth and they also did a huge marketing campaign and a huge cliffhanger to accomplish that. That is very rare to have a jump like that in the thick of summer and we are in that now. The fact that most of these soaps have shown stability and are up vs last year is amazing. GH started off bad in June but has rebounded a bit. Days had a fantastic June and even stayed stable the week of the 4th of July holiday and that is a week traditionally bad for most soaps but especially Days in past years. I don't see the negative here. Plus, while this is "sweeps" it's July. The networks know people aren't around the TV. It's summer. Sure, if the ratings increase, they are happy but they don't care right now. September-May they do. I mean, Corday even said as much a few years back in an interview that they don't get concerned over summer ratings. You won't see how well these stories resonate until Fall when they will likely pick up steam and climax. All we have to go on so far is June when these stories started and Days saw good ratings in June so it seems there is at least interest. And these ratings are for a week with minimal things happening. The show didn't pick up steam as far as story movement until Friday, which is traditionally a low ratings day anyway. We'll see what happens for this week, which has been amazing. Even if Days drops or gets no gains this week, I still think it's nothing. If it were the Fall or Winter, sure. In summer, no way.

Once you head into the heart of summer, if you can maintain most of your audience, take it and be happy. The soaps are doing that so there is really nothing concerning about any of this. Just my 2 cents from lurkdom.
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