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Jul 26 2013, 10:24 AM
Here it comes again!!! For weeks, it has been "DAYS is great!", "DAYS is on fire!". But, as soon as the ratings slide downward, it's back to the old, "Days sucks!", "Days is not good!" BS!!

For months, I have never thought Days was great. I might say, not a bad week. There are certain aspecs of it that I have been enjoying, and that is everything that has Nicole in it, which includes Ericole, and I did enjoy the break up of Bristine, and all that occurred after until they turned Brady stupid again. There are other odd scenes too that has been good, and it is due more to the skill of the actors involved than it has to do with the stories being played out. I certainly do not like their A story, and I hate how they write the characters just to fit their plots, and the ones that are obviously the writers favorites, are certainly not mine.

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