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Jul 26 2013, 10:24 AM
Here it comes again!!! For weeks, it has been "DAYS is great!", "DAYS is on fire!". But, as soon as the ratings slide downward, it's back to the old, "Days sucks!", "Days is not good!" BS!!

So true. It always amazes me (and this is not just related to Days but all soaps) how you see different people comment in a thread when numbers are down than when they are up. That includes myself tho too because I only find reason to really post when numbers are down or when I see a topic that is rather controversial but I'm also pretty much a lurker now by my own choice. It is pretty amusing. This week Days takes it's turn in the hot seat. If it goes up next week, this thread will be completely the opposite but I guess that only makes sense. Not everyone likes the show and that will always be the case. You can't please everyone and, therefore, when ratings tumble, those displeased will feel validation. It makes sense.
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