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I am happy by this turn of events, because it will keep things MUCH more interesting.

But another reason is, that I don't get Elissa. She has said stupid things this whole season and then when confronted she denied it and accused the other person of making it up. She did it with small stuff (like when she said that she's Giselle's sister and when Jeremy said she told him that, she denied it). And she's doing it with big things, like accusing Aaryn of spreading the news about Howard/Spencer/Kaitlin alliance (which is a lie) and then when confronted by Aaryn she denies it! I'm annoyed by Elissa. She sucks at this game.

I don't think Aaryn will keep her end of the bargain. I think it's hilarious how Grodner must be feeling now. She did this "two weeks in a row" thing for MVP trying to get Aaryn out and now she's HOH and can't get nominated! :lol: I think America will vote for Gina Marie this week again.

The only thing I'm sad about in this situation is that Aaryn won't leave pre-jury, so Julie won't get to tell her what America thought of her. :(
I did love Julie telling Kaitlin what America thought of them. LOVE IT!

I'm team Judd! But I still like Helen! And Jessie seems sweet.
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