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That was a fantastic interview. It really is great that Jen Lilley has spent so much time trying to get inside the character. She really seems to want to understand Jeannie Theresa.

Just one correction, though. Shane didn't leave when Jeannie was one. Kim left Salem before Jeannie was born. She was born in Los Angeles in September 1990 after Kim left (in August). At the time, they didn't think Jeannie was Shane's; they thought she was Cal Winters' daughter and Kim had lied to Shane, first about being pregnant and then about who the father was. Shane stopped her from having an abortion, but was cold to her, so she left town. Kim tried to sneak away during Steve and Kayla's second wedding, but Shane figured something was up and confronted her before she could disappear without telling him.

Kim came back to Salem five months later, in February 1991, right when Shane was beginning to develop feelings for Kayla. It wasn't until November 1991 that Shane learned Jeannie was his daughter. Then, almost immediately after Shane learned the truth, he was sent on an ISA assignment and, before he returned, Kim decided to return to Los Angeles with the kids. I thought Shane should have been pretty bitter about that, since it prevented him from ever getting a chance to bond with her, but things were complicated by the fact that Shane and Kayla had finally slept together.

Kim next returned to Salem in June 1992 to tell the family that she was engaged to Phillip Collier, but she was hit by a car. By that time, Shane and Kayla had split, and Kayla had moved to LA. Phillip brought the kids to Salem in August, and they all lived at Shane's. Kim's multiple personality disorder had manifested by this time, and one of her alters, "Lacey," decided that Shane needed to go, so she arranged for him to get assigned overseas by the ISA. He left in October. Another of her alters, "Claire" didn't like having the kids around, so she arranged to have the kids shipped off to England to live with Shane in November. They were still living there when Kim left Salem for good in June 1993. In fact, some of Kim's last scenes involved her and Marlena going to visit the kids before Kim and Phillip moved back to Los Angeles. When Kim and Marlena returned, they got a call that Jeannie had broken out with the measles, which caused a scare for Marlena, who was pregnant.

So, actually, we know Jeannie did live with Shane for a time when she was younger. It was never established when Jeannie and Andrew came back to live with Kim, assuming they ever did. Of course, who knows how much Shane was around Donovan Manor given his job. The kids may have been raised primarily by Simmons, whose last appearance came approximately around when the kids moved to London. Shane and Peachy talked about Andrew following Shane to Eton and, with SORASing, he would have been closing in on boarding school age.

Also, at the risk of sounding self-promoting, if Jen Lilley wants some clips, can I suggest some of the background posts on Shane and Kim that I wrote for my old blog? It's not the easiest site to navigate and was created for a fanfic that is on hold, but I wrote some essays on to help some readers that knew nothing about Shane and Kim to understand the characters in 2010. The posts have a bunch of links to YouTube clips in them, though some may be dead links by now. The main posts that would be useful are:

Early Kim and Shane

Shane and Kim: Love and Romance

Shane and Kim: The "Bad Times"

If Lilley is really brave, she can learn all about Shayla too. Part One, Part Two, Part Three :drunk:
There also are some other essays that discuss family, friendships, and the history with Victor. They all are tagged "background."
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