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Jul 26 2013, 07:00 PM
Jul 26 2013, 06:43 PM
Jul 26 2013, 08:55 AM
Jul 26 2013, 08:30 AM
I must be an alien B&B it's so boring and bad written right now and it keeps getting up with the ratings
I must be one too---Days is a better show now that the Franco clusterfuck has engulfed GH, but GH gets better ratings. Go figure.
Maybe but unlike Days it doesn't turn me off. It's not just the s/ls but Days couples and love scenes are disgusting. I want romance, adventure...real suspense. I just don't get that from Days. And I hardly ever see characters I like, which also hurts the show for me.
So yeah these ratings seem correct.
And you think GH is bringing the romance? Cause IMO it is not. IMO the only couple who are close to being romantic on GH is Lante. Every other couple are either rushed, contrived,are in a triangle (ie. Kiki/Michael/Morgan-rushed/contrived/triangle, Quiz/Niz-triangle, Sabrina/Patrick-contrived and nauseating. I wouldn't even invest in a couple on GH cause RC can't write romance. And plus GH is now Franco Hospital :x .
All these couples you have named on GH I also find boring, and they have been featuring them a lot. I am no longer enjoying Lante either. I miss the old Lulu, But recent developments have piqued my interest, and that is Brit and Nicolas sharing scenes. I like them a lot. I hope in the end they do end up as a couple but, I hope they don't rush it. I want to enjoy the journey. Also Sonny and Connie/Kate I always liked and they are sharing scenes again , but unfortunately the lady that plays Kate/Connie will be leaving soon and I will miss her. She is such a good actress. I am curious to see what happens with this Franco story. So, while I was bored with GH for weeks, they are now giving me something, I am interested in seeing.

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