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Another great interview. Sounds like JL was impressed with the questions and was willing to give solid, meaty answers.

I can understand that Jeannie/Theresa would have "daddy" issues. But I hope they don't end up painting Shane as some sort of parental villain. Yes, he was gone on assignment a lot as a spy, but there were a lot of layers to that situation. Often, his absences or separation from his family were in part brought about by lies and misunderstandings. As jwsel pointed out so well, Kimberly often hid the truth from Shane (yes, usually to protect him or in order not to confess to her own actions). She constantly pushed him away. Theirs was a passionate and tumultuous relationship, but they also had plenty of nice family moments.

As for Shane and Kimberly's history, I would hope that JL would explore who her parents were at work. For example, Kimberly's work as a counselor. I'm thinking in particular of when she helped a young Adrienne after she'd been raped by her father. Also, the undercover work Shane and Kimberly did together to investigate bad guys like Victor, the Riverfront Knifer (Harper), and Lawrence Alamain.

Lastly, she might want to check out episodes near the holidays to get a sense of the Brady family interactions with each other and with Shane.

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