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Jul 27 2013, 08:29 AM
I can understand that Jeannie/Theresa would have "daddy" issues. But I hope they don't end up painting Shane as some sort of parental villain. Yes, he was gone on assignment a lot as a spy, but there were a lot of layers to that situation. Often, his absences or separation from his family were in part brought about by lies and misunderstandings. As jwsel pointed out so well, Kimberly often hid the truth from Shane (yes, usually to protect him or in order not to confess to her own actions). She constantly pushed him away. Theirs was a passionate and tumultuous relationship, but they also had plenty of nice family moments.
I think you make a great point. Shane seems to get portrayed a bit as a villain in some of the discussions I've seen about the Shane/Kim relationship and I feel he sometimes get unfairly maligned. He certainly was not a saint; he could be arrogant and his way of dealing with emotional pain by shutting down and acting cold was infuriating. But at the same time, he endured a lot during his time in Salem. And even though a lot of Kim's issues can be linked to her past abuse and some might say to her later mental illness, the relationship was a roller coaster.

The one thing that I have issues with is any suggestion that Shane was not a loving, caring father. I just can't see that. Just look at how he was with Eve and Andrew. With Eve, he harbored immense guilt at missing her childhood and, as a result, probably overindulged her. But he showed that he would do absolutely anything for her. He risked his life multiple times to save her, lied on the stand during her trial for Nick's murder, and made it pretty clear to Kim that he would not turn away his daughter despite the trouble she was creating for their relationship. Some of Shane's scenes with Andrew also show how much he loved his kids. This clip has some scenes with Andrew, leading to where Andrew moves to LA to live with Kim (the Andrew scenes start around 2:20):

I always felt that Shane's relationship with Jeannie would be fascinating to explore, because unlike Andrew and Eve, Jeannie would not have experienced the periods between missions when Shane was home. I imagine their relationship would be filled with great intentions, but lost opportunities. Shane would undoubtedly have sent her expensive birthday and Christmas gifts and made sure she went to the finest schools, because he would spare no expense in taking care of her. He also would have made a lot of plans to see her, but some of them invariably would have been interrupted by ISA emergencies. And perception would play a major role. How does a child really process that Daddy isn't around because he is busy saving the world? In one fic, I wrote a scene where Jeannie is excited that Shane can come to see her big soccer game because he is in Los Angeles as part of an ISA operation. But during the game, he gets called away because the operation has to be moved up. The operation is a huge success, thwarts a terrorist attack, and saves a lot of lives. And at some level, Jeannie understands that. Yet at another level, she is still a kid who resents that her dad couldn't even be there for her big game.

So for Jeannie Theresa on the show, I hope they play it like that -- that Shane made choices that made Jeannie feel like she was not a priority. For instance, given the age they have made Jeannie, it would be perfect if she complains about Shane missing her college graduation. Someone could points out that that it wasn't really Shane's fault, because he was being tortured in a South American prison at the time. It won't really change her opinion, because in her mind Shane shouldn't have been in South America in the first place or he should have been letting someone else's father play hero for once. However, it reflects the complexity of the situation and doesn't ask us to accept the notion that Shane just ignored Jeannie, which isn't true to his character.
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