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I love that the show keeps building the Eric/Brady relationship. And that Eric said he hopes Kristen will never come between him and Brady. Kristen is so, so, so pregnant.
Eh, I hope not, JUST because, part of the reason Kristen was SO freaked out when she lost her and John's baby was because she had... i forget... some kind of problem, that she only had "So much time" to get pregnant, and they said after she did she never could be again. So, if she IS pregnant, not only would that make, once again, writers not doing their homework and/or rewriting history, but also, it would make the urgrency of Susan impersonating her a little less.
miracle babies are almost a given in Salem though. Chloe has Parker, Nicole, well, she almost had Daniel Rafael (which I'm convinced the name is what did him in). With Kristen I feel like her age is almost more of an issue than the fact that the doctors told her "15 years ago" (apparently) that she couldn't have a baby. I admittedly, like everyone else, am very done with these baby storylines since that's all they seem to do on Days, with the exception of a Kristen baby-storyline. That is my one exception b/c I think it would be freaking awesome. I do think with her age she's teetering on the age of plausibility though.
One of my neighbors got pregnant at 51 years old after years
of various fertility treatments, so it is possible for Kristin to get pregnant
but not likely without a doctor's help.
Hm, for Kristen's circumstances she probably would need a doctor's help in getting pregnant. However, I don't believe that always the case whe it comes to older women in general. Their age decreases the chances of them getting pregnant naturally but it doesn't necessarily full-stop a pregnancy from occurring.
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