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Panda Panda
Jul 27 2013, 06:15 PM
Jul 27 2013, 06:07 PM
Panda Panda
Jul 27 2013, 05:59 PM
Kristen was the focus of his life for the better part of his 90's return. And having one part of a pairing move onto another doesn't "trash" it's predecessor.
That depends on how it's handled.

I think the jack and Jennifer pairing was hurt by the powers that be's insistence on having Daniel for Jennifer...and the WAY it was done made things worse.

There was this rush to pair them.
True. What they did with Jen, Jack, and Dan was such blatant dannifer propping by making it seem as though Jennifer only stayed with Jack out of obligation and not the love that they shared over the years. Then having Dan come off as the good guy because he stopped trying to steal another man's wife. :glare:

lmao, the more I think about this couple the more I hate them.
Definitely how it's handled. Look what they just did with Jarlena.

It's mindboggleing how the writers made it out that Daniel was the good guy during that storyline when all we saw was him being a total creep!

He had no empathy for the man who was tortured for a year.

He made up the stuipid rules for the dating situation, than he broke the rules while Jack followed them, and he's the hero?!

For example, when one had a day with Jennifer, the other was supposed to stay away. Not only would Daniel call her on Jack's days, Daniel once jogged all the way to her house and looked through the window, where he saw Jack kiss Jennifer.

It was no accident, he didn't walk into the same diner as them by chance or bump into them on the street. He purposely went out of his way to be a peeping tom on a PTSD man trying to reconnect with the woman he left behind. Instead of Jennifer calling him out on his blatent rule breaking, she apologized to him for what he saw

And we're supposed to be okay with this?

We see the man who uses his power and authority as a doctor to prey on vulnerable patients, and we're told that we're wrong for objecting to it. He's a saint because everyone in Salem says so.

Every time we take a closer look at the Daniel character, and the Sami character too for that matter, and point out exactly where the writers are completely wrong, we get smacked in the face with:

"You're wrong! They're the bestest most greatest characters Ever!!! YOU WILL WORSHIP THEM!"

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