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Jul 27 2013, 11:39 PM
Yeah. Steve's working for the ISA, and he ran into some trouble on a case. While Bo was investigating Stefano, Steve called him and asked for help. Bo's helping him now, and something happens which leads everyone to think he died while on the assignment, but they can't find his body. When Shane comes, he has bad news for Hope. His ISA contacts tell him what happened, and he's telling Hope. Hope's angry and confused, and so is Kayla.

I can't fit Jack in there though...cuz he fell down an elevator shaft, so how can we fit that in?
Well, two out of three ain't bad. Jack never had much to do with Stefano and to be honest I never really liked the plots where he did, they seemed ill-fitting to me. I do know that when we all first heard about Jack's "walkabout" we were hoping it had to do with Steve but obviously that ship has sailed, as has any Lawrence Alamain connection.

Not that Jack needs any help coming back from the dead, of course. But given Bo's line of work I don't think it's at all hard coming up with a sympathetic explanation. It might be a rehash of a previous set-up but it could have a far far better execution and eventual pay-off.
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