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Jul 25 2013, 11:55 AM
I never thought I'd see the day but a part of me is really not liking EJ at this point.

I'm so tired of Will tearing up. Ugh! This ain't your first time at the Rodeo. You covered up when you shot EJ. You played a part in covering Sami's attempted murder of EJ. And your actions played a part in Arianna's death.

I'm loving and rooting for Adrianne.

Sonny cotinues to be a bore. And that old man hair and clothes ain't helping the situation.

Loved Abe and Justin calling EJ on his crap.

At this point, I want Justin to keep EJ at arms length.

Yeah, I get why EJ kept quiet about the tape, but don't blame others when the truth is revealed. Did not enjoy or like his deliberate intimidation of Adrianne.

ETA: Loved Kristen and Jen's conversation. I really like their friendship. MR and ED really really play well off of one another.
EJ had every right to be :angry: angry at Adrianne.
Adrianne provided the DA with a motive to
possibly send his Samanthr to prison.
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