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Sami's in prison for god's sake. she shouldn't still be wearing form-fitting clothes!
Because she's not close to 50.
When Arianna was in prison, she had on the same shirt as Hope did. Last i checked, LH is a good 10+ years younger than KA. Your reasoning is flawed.
Since both AS and KA are totally irrelevant to me, I don't really care about either one. As a matter of fact, the outfit looks bad on both of them. It looks too loose on KA, and too tight on AS. IMO it was meant to be loose on KA to hide her being too skinny, and in AS's case, despite her new gorgeous figure, tight clothes still look bad - all of them. Tight clothes never look good on anyone's figure IMO.

As to my comment, I meant that younger people can get away with wearing tight clothes more than older ones. And this is coming from someone who is in her middle forties. And it is JMO.
it's loose because it's prison wear. no prisoner has a tight fitting uniform. the bagginess has nothing to do with "hiding her skinniness". again, i say - if its purpose was to hide skinniness, why did they have Arianna wear the exact same top? it was baggy on her too.
Kristian wears tight clothes all the time - just look at her emmy outfit from this year. and she wears her clothes well. personally, AS shouldn't wear such tight clothing because it actually makes her look bigger. she's more muscular and so tighter clothes accentuate that, and not in a good way.
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