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Viewing Single Post From: Friday, July 26th Daily Discussion
camera shy

Jul 28 2013, 02:27 AM
EJ has no room to talk. He threatened Sonny's mother. Sonny needs to find out and knock EJ down a peg. It doesn't matter how mad he is at her, Sonny will protect his family.
I wish Sonny would also hear Sami's big talk about Will being the best thing to ever happen to him. In my opinion it's pretty much a put down of Sonny. In that relationship I'd say Sonny is the one who brings the most to the table and WIll is lucky that Sonny even looked his way. And even if Will is pissed with Adrienne for her actions, if he was even kind of boyfriend who cared for Sonny's happiness he would tell him not to let anything come between him and his mother and not do that 'fuck you smirk' behind Sonny's back to Adrienne's face and dismiss her like she was nothing. And I bet we don't get Adrienne telling Justin and Sonny with EJ and WIll standing there about Ej's threat to her.
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