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Jul 28 2013, 06:09 AM
The show never bother to Adrianne personal reasons against ej and his family they show it more general to make adrianne look judgemental.Adrienne does not get profitable writing while ej does
I agree.

It is obvious the writers expect us all to be rooting for Sami. They have everyone rallying around her, with only the few exceptions. Eric is upset with himself for going off to see about the school, which is something good, instead of staying behind for his sister.

The only ones that is not on her side is Adrianne and Marge. Not counting Nicole/Kristen because they really have no involvement in this. Adrianne isn't the one that is lying, scheming and hiding evidence nor the one that killed a man, but yet everyone should be against her because she did the right thing and handed the tape in. As far as Adrianne is concerned Sami probably did murder an innocent man. Sami lied and said she did not know the guy she killed, and Adrianne had in her possession proof that she lied. Adrianne had no knowledge of what was going on, nobody told her. She did approach Sonny about it and he refused to listen and was basically rude to his mother. Now, they are going to have everyone hating on Adrianne for doing the right thing.

I cannot hold it against Adrianne for doing the right thing, I don't care what reason she used for doing it. Sami won't in be jail for long anyway. She has people who will lie and scheme to get her out as well as people who would turn a blind eye, and loads of supporters. If there is anyone I feel for, is the boy who no longer has a father, and Adrianne who it seems will be punished for doing the right thing. Another reason why I am grateful to Adrianne for handing in the video i, is that for a short while I wont have to look at that smug look on Sami's face that she constantly wears.
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