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Adrienne may not like Sami, but she's not a schemer, and she's not mean-spirited. She just sees that Sami gets herself in trouble and that her life is in chaos pretty often. The DiMeras are dangerous, too, and Adrienne knows that. She wants Sonny out of harm's way.

She really thinks she's doing the right thing...and no, I don't think her reasons are ALL about protecting Sonny, but I do think that's a big motivation for her. She thinks that because Sami lied about knowing Joe, she might be lying about other things too. Plus, she knows Marge and Marge is so upset, Adrienne's feeling like she has to make sure she gets a fair shot.

There will come a day when Adrienne realizes that Sami isn't guilty, and when that happens, she's gonna feel terrible. She has a conscience.
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