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I don't think Adrienne did what she did out of spite; I think she did it to protect Sonny from any charges of obstruction of justice which is why she demanded immunity for him from the prosecutor before she turned over the video.
Adrienne did what she did because she hates Sami and does not want her son connected with her in anyway whatsoever. If she couldn't get Sonny to dump Will..then the second best thing was to get Sami out of the pictures...which going to jail would do.
I disagree. Adrienne may not like Sami and may not want her son involved with Will because she knows what havoc Sami is capable of causing, but I think her main motivating force was to protect Sonny from getting charged with obstruction of justice, if and when the video ever came out. Just having Sami in jail is no guarantee that Sonny will stay away from Will or dump him.
Adrienne created the situation that would require Sonny needing immunity though. Sorry not buying her actions are from an altrusitic place, not when she went to Sami to get her to explain herself, why would that be necessary?

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